2024 News

June 2024 - Cheers to Summer rated show at Galway Downs!

Jennifer and Star received a respectable 65.6% in Third Level Test 3, meeting the requirements to be able to show freestyles at next month's show.

Cindi and Koal had a very successful outing, tackling the feared and revered renvers in Third Level Test 2.  It was Cindi's first time showing Koal AND her first time showing Third Level, and she received two scores in the sixties, completing her USDF Bronze Medal.  Congratulations!

May 2024 - Kentucky Derby Party!!!

April 2023 - Mette Rosencrantz clinic at Sycamore Canyon Stables!!!

Cindi riding Koal

Jennifer riding Donna's Dreamy

Sharon riding Esperanza

Melman and Mette

Sarah riding Melman

Jennifer riding Stephanie's Hedger

Jennifer riding Jaimie's Theo

Cindi riding Koal

2023 News

October 2023 - Poway Valley Riders Schooling Show!!!

Elle riding Desi made the move up to First Level!

Kristina riding Otto made a convincing first showing at Second Level, 

winning their class with a 65%!

February 2023 - Fallbrook Riders Schooling Show!!!

Elle on Desi Jennifer Kristina on Otto

Elle and Desi made the jump up to Training Level with wonderful success!

Otto showed a very energetic First Level test - really getting a hang of those extensions!

Jennifer showed Porsche in a very nice Training Level test.

2022 News

December 2022 - Fallbrook Riders Schooling Show!!!

Dreamy contentedly watching the action with proud owner Donna and friends Sarah and Andrew.

Jennifer and Dreamy had a lovely Fourth Level test 1 ride to win their class!

Carol and Herte had a strong showing at First Level.

Elle riding Desi in Intro B & C and Kristina riding Otto at First Level.

October 2022 - Fallbrook Riders Schooling Show!!!

Sharon and Esperanza kicked butt in First Level - their first off property outing in FIVE years!

Cindi and Koal had a lovely outing at Third Level test 2!

Kristina and Otto had another great outing at First Level!

Elle and Desi had another excellent go at Intro C!

Sarah and Melman showed brilliance in the PSG!

Jennifer and Jackie

October 2022 - Pepper Creek Equine Center Schooling Show!!!

Kristina and Otto earned an "8" on their trot lengthening!

Kristina and Otto made a convincing move up to First level - earning a 69% in test 1 and winning their class!

Elle and Desi tried Intro C for the first time - winning their class with a 70%!!!

Carol and Herte made a convincing move up to First Level - winning their test 2 class!

August 2022 - Fallbrook Riders Schooling Show!!!

July 2022 - Poway Valley Riders Schooling Show!!!

Cindi and Koal had an excellent Third Level test!!

May 2022 - Pepper Creek Equine Center Schooling Show!!!

Jennifer and Dreamy survived the running herd of sheep and lambs to win their Third Level class!

Carol and Herthe had a very successful Training Level test 2 ride!

May 2022 - Poway Valley Riders Schooling Show!!!

Jennifer and Dreamy had a very successful ride at Third Level test 1!

Koal was all snuggles before his ride.

Jennifer and Koal also had a very successful ride at Third Level test 1!

A clean sweep of the combined six horse Third/Fourth Level class - first and third to Jennifer and second to Sarah on Melman!  Congratulations!!

February 2022 - Pepper Creek Equine Center Schooling Show!!!

Thank you to Pepper Creek for putting on a fantastic show!  Everyone was friendly and helpful, the ribbons were beautiful, and the prizes were great!

Jennifer rode a very good Herthe in her first dressage test since arriving in America.

Jennifer rode Koal in Third Level test 1.

Carol executed a lovely test with Herthe.

What a great first ride off property!!

Cindi had a super practice warm-up ride on Koal.

 Jennifer was Open High Point Champion for the day with a 72.58%.

A BIG thank you to Cindi and Carol for the opportunity to show such wonderful horses!

Thank you for Mary's Tack and Kahoots for sponsoring!

January 2022 - Sycamore Canyon Stables Schooling Show!!!

Kristina and Otto kicking butt at Intro!

Stephanie rode Hedger through a great test.

Cindi and Gavilan had a lovely Training Level ride.

Kim riding Groot showed big improvements in Intro A and B.

Brooke rode Drew in his very first dressage test!

Brooke riding Drew with owner Kim.

Carol and Herthe tackled First Level.

Cindi riding Koal in a beautiful Third Level test.

Sarah showed off Melman's fancy extended trot in the Prix St. Georges!

And some very "expressive" changes!

Not to be outdone by Melman, Lady also strutted her stuff!

Adriana and Apollo

Terri and Timmy

Thank you to Jackie, our judge, and our great scribes Carol & Brooke!  

And to co-judge Rocky!

2021 News

October 2021 - Sycamore Canyon Stables Schooling Show!!!

A big thank you to our excellent judge Jackie Barrows and our excellent scribe Brooke Zampell!!

Sarah riding Lady - 28 years young!

Stephanie riding Hedger looked great!

Carol had a great ride on her new mare Herthe!

Cindi and Koal had a great first run through of Third Level test 1!

Kim and her 3 year old Groot had a lovely ride

Sarah showing Melman Fourth Level test 2

Elle riding Chachi had a great Intro A ride!

Otto looked dashing in his new matching saddle pad and bonnet!  A happy Kristina!

Adriana riding Apollo had two great rides!

Sharon riding Esperanza in First Level test 2!

Terri riding Timmy brightened our misty day!

September 2021 - Daily News at Sycamore Canyon Stables


When you all show up to the ranch wearing the exact same shirt on the same day without even planning it!

Jennifer on Herthe with owner Carol and Cindi on Koal.

September 2021 - Mystic Equine Schooling Show at Stenerson Ranch!

How cool are these Mangalarga Marchador horses - national horse of Brazil?!?

July 2021 - Congratulations!!!

Congratulations to Carol on her purchase of Herthe! We look forward to big things from these two-

 big fun, big love, and big learning!!

July 2021 - Sycamore Canyon Stables first Schooling Show!

Sarah showing Lady.

Jennifer and Jackie.

Jennifer showing Paila.

A big thank you to Jackie Barrows for being our Judge, and to Andrew and Jennifer for scribing.  Congratulations competitors!

Jennifer and Paila.

Sharon and Esperanza.

Sarah and Melman.

June 2021 - Jane Weatherwax Clinic at Sycamore Canyon Stables

Smitty is listening carefully while Jane explains to Trish :)

Cindi and Koal.

Kristina and her 4 year old Otto.

Sarah and Melman.

Jennifer and Dreamy

Sharon and Esperanza.

Ashlin and Leonard.

Cindi and Koal.

Jennifer and Hedger.

Maren and her lovely mare.

May 2021 - Schooling Show at Poway Valley Riders!

Hedger was a big star - learning shows can be relaxing.

Moral Support from Donna and Madeline.

Cindi and Koal looking good in the warm-up.

Good boy Hedger!

March 2021 - Schooling Show at Poway Valley Riders!

Dani and Hedger showed their first First Level test!!

Sarah & Melman competed their first Fourth Level test 3!!

Shiloh came along for the ride too!

A BIG thank you to PVRA for putting on a great show!!

Shiloh and Koal enjoying the grass.

BIG NEWS!!!  Sycamore Canyon Stables in Poway is the new home of Jennifer Barrows Dressage!!

Dani riding her 4 year old OTTB Willow.

Love having these big mirrors in the dressage arena!

Cindi riding her Hanoverian Koal with Jennifer.

Photos by BarnBoyImages

2020 News

2020 was...a year.  It did not go how I expected, it didn't go how any of us expected.  But, as it comes to a close, I can honestly say that I am grateful.  I am grateful that my loved ones are healthy.  I am grateful that I am healthy.  I am grateful to be surrounded by fun, amazing, supportive clients, who love horses as much as I do.  I am grateful that what I do for a living was allowed to continue, with some sense of normalcy, despite most of the world seeming to come to a screeching halt.  I am grateful for this time and this separation, to really highlight what is important versus what we tell ourselves is important.  And when we are finally able to do some of the things that we missed out on this year, I look forward to appreciating them even more.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe 2021!!

Photo by BarnBoyImages

Teaching in Bonsall - July 2020

June 2020 - Photo Shoot with BarnBoyImages

Social Distancing in April 2020!

Teaching in February 2020

Photos by barnboyimages (Instagram)

2019 News

Jennifer was 2019 San Diego CDS Training Level Champion Open

riding Kelly Gibson's mare Sofi

Jennifer and Sofi
Kelly and Sofi admiring her ribbons :)

Jennifer competed Kelly Gibson's mare Sofi at her very first dressage show!

San Diego CDS Chapter Show in August 2019 at Show Park

Ashlin riding Leonard won Orange County Interscholastic Equestrian League:

2019 Junior Varsity Division Dressage Champion

2019 First Level Test 1 Champion

2019 First Level Test 2 Champion

Ashlin won Reserve Champion First Level

at the Junior Young Rider Championships South

2018 News

Ashlin riding Leonard won Orange County Interscholastic Equestrian League:

2018 Training Level Test 2 Champion


Photos by Sara Shier Photography

OCIEL Show - November 2018

Congratulations Leonard & Ashlin!