"Jennifer is an amazing trainer! We have been training with Jennifer for a couple of years now and my daughter and her horse have made tremendous progress. When we first met Jenn, my daughter had very limited dressage experience and our horse was very green to dressage. She was able to customize a training program that met the needs of my daughter and our horse. It is exciting to walk away from each lesson and see the improvement and a big smile on my daughter's face." ~ Tammy Gayken

"Jennifer is WONDERFUL! I look forward to every dressage lesson with her because:

1. She is a brilliant and gifted teacher. Her cues are concise and clear, but she doesn’t say too much! It’s easy to remember her instructions because she keeps them short and relevant.

2. She is fun to be around! Cheerful, upbeat, and 100% positive. I can’t imagine her being cranky.

3. She is a true professional. Dependable, punctual, no drama, and no F Bombs! :)

4. She has progressed my thoroughbred so much, but with compassion and understanding. Her methodical system sets him up for success. The challenges that she taught us a few months ago are now so simple and just part of our warm up. His improvement has been astonishing!

5. Finally, and most importantly, Jennifer ADORES horses. She will make you feel like you have the best horse in equine history. When my horse gets a little agitated when learning new skills, we instantly take a walk break on a loose rein, and he makes a bee-line right to her because he knows he’ll get showered in praise and cuddles. Let’s face it - if our horses are happy, we are happy, and I guarantee that Jennifer will make your horse (and you!) happy!" ~Sue Grant

"I have worked with Jennifer for about two years now, and she is absolutely wonderful! She is kind and caring, and she truly takes the time to get to know and understand the horses she works with. My horse, Lionel, absolutely adores her! He is so comfortable around Jennifer and loves to walk up to her for a quick cuddle during our walk breaks. She treats him like her own and gives him lots of love and attention while I’m at work! Furthermore, Jennifer is a patient and effective trainer. She never gets frustrated with me or my horse, and her corrections are always calm and efficient. She has a talent for understanding what a horse needs and is very intuitive into how we, as riders, are affecting our horses, even in the smallest of ways! Both Lionel and I have gained so much confidence with Jennifer! She pushes us to be the best we can be while simultaneously giving us confidence in our partnership and our ability to succeed. Because she has taken the time to develop such a strong and trusting relationship with Lionel, he always comes out willing and happy to put in the work. Jennifer has truly been a blessing to both of us, and we are so grateful to have her! Not only is she a wonderful trainer, but she quickly became an extraordinary friend. I could not recommend her enough! ~Emily Carroll (and Lionel!)

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Jennifer for the last 2 years. She is one of the most passionate and dedicated horse women I have ever meet. Her level of commitment and her attention to detail to each horse and student is amazing and each one's needs is always put first. She has a wide base of knowledge which shows in every lesson and her drive to continue to learn and improve is incredible. One thing I really admire about her is her positive personality and outlook, which transfers over to her lessons and students, giving them the confidence they need and making them feel comfortable to ask any questions they have. Jennifer has a huge heart and truly loves this sport, the horses she works with, and her students." ~ Jacqueline Paxton